A Cut Above Discrimination: Winning the Fight One Haircut at a Time,  E-book

A Cut Above Discrimination: Winning the Fight One Haircut at a Time, E-book

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This is the story of one woman's fight against discrimination towards the homeless, needy and less fortunate. Helena, the founder of the program -a free day of beauty- brought dignity to the less fortunate. This program implemented in our school of cosmetology and by its caring students. Share Helena's fight with an uncaring unsympathetic government.

About the Author

I am Chris, a 74-year-old medically retired lady who lives in Woodstock, On. CA. I have 3 wonderful children a daughter and 2 sons. In our family are our son in-law and our daughter in law both whom I love as if they were my own. I have two grandchildren, a thirty-one year-old granddaughter and an eleven year-old grandson. Ron and I have been married 52 years. Until a major car accident 43 years ago that took away my livelihood, I worked as a hairdresser, make up artist and model. I want you to get to know the people, places and events that made me want to be part of this world of beauty. That, which was, and is still so much a part of me. Every memory was like a picture show, so vivid as if I was reliving it all over again. I was surprised those pages were not tear stained. One of my chapters caught Patrick’s attention and he suggested I write a complete short story which I called “A Cut Above Discrimination.” This true story will make you think about our ill treatment of the less fortunate. This is a comment about this story from P Case. Dear Chris: It's taken me five months but I have just finished reading your amazing story for the second time. It really is amazing and I'm going to tell you why. My human rights work concerns bringing forward cases where people can prove that they have been discriminated against. Some cases are easier than others. I some cases, while it is easy to feel the discrimination, it is nit so easy to either explain or prove it. The situation described by you is one of those, "oh my gosh" easy to see cases but it would not be so easy to prove. Part of the problem is that the discrimination is easy to see by some and not others. Some years ago, I'm sure that you remember this, there used to be a certain art-form for sale - mostly in shopping malls. The "picture" consisted of coloured dots on a canvas, almost like pointillist work. You would have to stare at the canvas from different angles for a while before you could see that amid the dots, there might be a picture of Mount Rushmore or the space shuttle. Your story is like one of those canvasses, to somebody looking at the bare facts, all might seem to be as it should. It's only when you adjust your focus that you see the true picture. Clearly, those of you who worked to remedy this distressing situation were among those whose vision is capable of seeing what lies beyond the surface of society. It's a great story with a triumphant conclusion. Best regards,
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