A Hairdresser's Diary : By Christine M Hannon

A Hairdresser's Diary : By Christine M Hannon

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Hairdressing is an act of transformation. We search for the hairdresser that can change us with just the right cut, just the right style. 

When we find our hairdresser, we make a new friend, often telling them stories about our lives that we don’t share with everyone. They become the keeper of our diary. Sometimes we wonder what the world looks like from their eyes. The Hairdresser’s Diary lets us read those stories, starting with the hairdresser’s own. 

This book is the story of a little girl who through a childhood full of struggles, hardships and pain had a dream. That dream was to someday become a hairdresser. Follow her as she trades her dollies in for the real thing.This is the diary of a hairdresser who had a calling and a great memory. It is filled with stories of pain, sadness,gossip, angst, triumph, challenge and most of all, humour. 

by the author- Christine M Hannon